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My Dual Boot

It’s Wednesday and I have the day off from work. Lastnight I removed Bodhi in favor of PCLinuxOS. There were no issues with Bodhi that posed a problem for me, in fact it was exactly what I would recommend to many people new to GNU/Linux. PCLinuxOS was the first distro I ever tried and I have grown quite fond of it. This time around I decided to give PCLinuxOS Full Monty a try and I must say, I’m quite pleased. I figured that such a full featured distro variation would feel bloated but, in this case at least, quite the opposite is true. It runs quite fast and while there is a massive list of software installed by default, nothing is imposing or useless and can easily be removed at the users discretion. The Full Monty DVD makes use of six virtual desktops, sorting the most commonly used applications into appropriate sections such as Internet, Games, System, etc. which is quite convenient but not at all impossible for anyone to do for themselves. With a little patience you could easily do the same thing and end up with a much lighter system. I am the type of person who drools for customization so I can already imagine many changes to come in the future. As for the preinstalled applications, none of those will be removed as I’m certain that I will find a use for all of it as time passes (wait till you see the list of graphics viewing/editing/manipulation software). For now, I have a few files to restore and a PlaneShift.bin to download and install (PlaneShift always runs better on Linux for me, others may object but I think that this is likely a matter of hardware and drivers rather than operating system). Till next time, stay well and live free!

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Well, that went alright. I chose to go with Bodhi Linux which is a minimal Linux desktop using E17 as its default desktop environment. It gives several desktop options right off the top such as Laptop, Netbook/Mobile, Fancy and Ecomorph. Basically, you get a different layout based on your wants/needs and then you get to choose from several different themes. Something for everyone here. One thing I should probably note about this type of distro is that it offers very little out-of-the-box. You get leafpad for text editing, midori for web browsing and lxterminal for your command needs. Synaptic is the default package manager and you will be using it quite a bit after installing Bodhi so get ready for some serious downloading and some even more serious customization. I just spent hours sifting through software and I’m still nowhere near finished as far as satisfaction goes. I like that though. It’s nice to have such a barebones distro with such amazing eyecandy and the ability to build upon the system as you see fit. It avoids bloating with useless applications you will never use and means that you won’t have to track down applications you want removed. No screenshots yet but I’ll add them as I take them. I wanted to wait until I’m finished before showing off my layout. Even if you detest Linux, I assure you that you will be impressed even if only visually alone. I’m gonna see what I can do about picking up a couple of beers for tonight since I have no work tomorrow and then I’ll get back to work on bodhi. For now, it’s some good old school Metallica (Master of Puppets, … And Justice for All) and random web surfing.

Lastnight was a pretty slow night. I setup a few distros in virtual machines and had a few beers. I had planned on installing one as my main OS but Windows™ 7 offers pretty much everything I need (except fullscreen DOS support). I have a legit copy of Windows™ 7 Ultimate and I must be honest, it is the one and only version that I have ever missed after formatting my hard drive. Earlier versions were inferior to even the most minimalistic of Linux distros. Puppy Linux has more to offer than XP, it’s more stable, no blue screen errors, it offers a good developer platform and aside from a few codecs and plugins, it’s free. Puppy is so small that it can be run entirely in RAM. I know, lots of distros can do that… None of them do it as well though. This dog is one fast pedigree. It’s easy for beginners to use and robust enough for veterans to find satisfaction in. Windows™ 7 has plenty to bring to the table aside from a few hiccups. Even with its self proclaimed backward compatibility, it falls flat on its face when it comes to running older software which I have grown accustomed to using which is a downside and not something I can overlook. It’s also pretty resource hungry, even with the most minimal of settings. XP made it easier to compile large scripts when building games from scratch and I have no idea where to begin with Windows™ 7 in that department. For gaming, 7 takes the cake. No other OS even comes close to it. So… I have decided to dual boot Windows™ 7 Ultimate and a Linux distro of my choosing which brings me to a brick wall. I’ve been using Linux for years and most distros have made me happy. It’s great for work and for school. No need to worry about viruses and they are all about as stable as the pyramids. Gaming is agonizing when it comes to most distros which tends to turn many people off but if I’m dual booting that isn’t an issue at all. I’m thinking of going minimalist for speed as the number one deciding factor. I need a good text editor, a web browser, bit torrent client, 2D and 3D modelling kit and a media player. That’s not much to ask for and almost every distro comes with those by default. Those that don’t can have them added easily enough since Linux distros use software repositories through a package manager. Think of it as an application with different sections listing software available to download and install/uninstall freely as you choose. Games, media players, web browsers, instant messaging platforms, SDK’s, etc. can all be installed by simply check marking a box and hitting “apply changes”. Now, try to tell me that installing software on Linux is too hard. Whatever I decide, it will be great. I’ll post back when I’m finished the install process and share a few screenshots to show off some eye candy. Enjoy your Sunday Smile

Error: Redundancy Check!

Is there someone in your life who follows a book outlined blueprint on ways to make you miserable? I have a few of those people in my pocket as well. No one wants them, no one needs them – Our lives would be better without them but somewhere along the line they hooked in their claws and found a way to stay there in the back of your mind and eat away at you from the inside even in their absence. They start out playing the innocent and sweet act, become a ‘friend’ and then they have won… Or think they have. While they share many of the same mannerisms, these people I like to refer to as Redundant Assholes, are all as unique as you and I. Some are narcissistic, some are con artists, some are thieves. Some are lovers and ex-lovers but they are all good for one thing – driving you mad! Now, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t give much thought to most issues as I consider worrying a waste of time and energy but if we don’t stop them they will win and we will lose control of our lives. If you let them, they will rule you.

A nagging ex, constantly finding excuses to keep in touch or ‘check up on you to see how you are doing’… Redundant Asshole! The loser (male or female) really wants to know if you are single and stupid enough to give them a second chance. You know this but they have conned you in with the sweetest of form of fake and you can’t bare to hurt their feelings even though they are the sole reason for a few or many of your life’s problems. Cut your losses, you’re a lot better off  without them.

A ‘payday’ buddy who never seems to be there when you need them but always seem to show up when your wallet is full… Redundant Asshole! Forget about these ones for there is no hope and these people will never change. They will call you a friend and then after the night is over they will go back to their real friends and laugh about how they used you and you made it so easy for them to do it.

A boss that always seems to call you to cover other peoples shifts. He didn’t forget that he has 75 other employees. He remembered that you are a sucker… If you take off your shirt you will quickly notice many boss sized footprints all over the back and each one smells of redundancy. Learn to say no – You can’t be fired for not covering for the same lazy guy who apparently has thousands of ailing Grandmothers who are all timed to pass away at two week intervals. His job is not your responsibility, yours is. Should your employer see it fit to fire you, you have a very viable court claim on your hands and he probably just did you a big favour. Go ahead, bring redundancy down a notch.

You see, whatever the case may be using people is wrong, it’s immoral and depending on the extent and extremes these people go to, it may even be illegal. Do yourself a favour and cut them out of your lives. Your true friends will respect you for it and you will feel better about yourself. Surround yourself with people you can trust and don’t be afraid to question their trustworthiness. Be it family or friends, employers or co-workers, bring them down, cut them out and expose them for who and what they are. Sanity in salvation, salvation is in your hands.

Vamese is an online alias. Originally, Vamese was an Enkidukai warrior in the free MMORPG, PlaneShift, but in time I became accustomed to the name and people began to recognize me by it. A quick web search reveals that the name Vamese is not frequently used online and in most cases it was mistaken by search engines as ‘Vanessa’. Yay for me! I’m unique Smile. The only results that offered any relevance, at least for me, was a link to all of my board posts on the PlaneShift forums (and I really didn’t post very often). So where will the name Vamese come up? Several gaming sites, hacking sites, Linux sites and several others scattered randomly across the web. Why am I attached to the name? Vamese was a character in a novel which I was in the process of writing back in 2003. A character who was based solely on my thoughts, feelings and opinions on politics and religion. I scrapped the book after the first few chapters to complete a novel that was nearing completion (and is now in the hands of a publishing agency with the original handwritten copy in a safe place in my home, of course). I didn’t entirely scrap the character though since I found PlaneShift which offers a great venue for roleplay and a chance for me to show my true colors and love of writing in a very entertaining and satisfying manner. I retired the character after I had taken a long leave of absence and his roleplay value faded away.

If you are interested in roleplaying, mmorpgs, or gaming in general I would suggest checking out the client (which is free to download and play forever – no hidden charges or online store nonsense). Also, the dev team are always looking for new talent. If you are an artist, programmer, writer, etc. then I suggest you look into this as well. The game is in the beta stages and is considered a tech-demo but don’t let this fool you. The game is absolutely playable and the community is friendly and always looking forward to help and meet new people. The truth is that because the game could be built upon virtually forever no one really minds considering it a beta. Beta is not a scary word, beta means that you have the opportunity to watch the project go from seed to tree and even take part in its upbringing. If you decide to join in or even just take a look around then look for a reptilian looking winged creature by the name of Junaz Geltanna. That would be me and when I have a chance to help someone new I’m always happy to do so. I’ll show you the ropes and help get you geared up and on your feet. Hope to see you there.

Okay, it’s time I warn you – I like Windows™ 7 as much as the next person but my heart will always belong to “Linux”. Wondering what’s up with the quotations? Well, if you are looking at Linux as though it’s an operating system, you’re dead wrong. Whereas Windows™ utilizes the NT kernel, Ubuntu, Mandriva, OpenSuSe, etc. all use the Linux kernel. In the wonderful, wide, world of Linux there exist hundreds of operating systems known as distributions (distros). So if you’re one of those people who likes to go around saying things like, “Linux sucks,” then you should probably at least name the distro which you think sucks since, if you are like most casual computer users, you probably had no idea what Linux actually was until just now. I myself used to think that there was Windows™ XP and that there was Linux – as in both being operating systems with no idea that they were both running on entirely different skeletons and that one of them, Linux, was in fact one of those skeletons Smile with tongue out. So what’s GNU? GNU stands for GNU is not Unix. I shit you not, this is true. The fact is that there is much more to Gnu than Linux alone but most people think Linux and Unix are one in the same – They are not and I won’t go into it too deep right now. Let’s just go with the most frequent explanation and say that the typical Linux distro is a ‘Unix-like’ operating system. On a rather humorous note: I think Windows™ 7 is a ‘KDE-like’ operating system. Not in terms of features but absolutely in terms of style. Go back several years and take a look at the early days of Kubuntu. It looks pretty much like a Win7 infant to me. Maybe it was an intentional  move to drag strays like me back into the Windows™ corner or maybe I’m just crazy. Decide for yourself. While you’re deciding, why not head over to Distrowatch and check out some screenshots, videos, documentation or pretty much anything else GNU/Linux related. Almost ever distro you can imagine is freely shared and costs nothing so if you see something you like you can always download it, burn it, (in most cases) modify it, and customize it as you see fit. Have fun.

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I’m a little more than mildly happy to say that I have moved beyond borders to get here and, if you know me as well as some do, you’ll be looking forward to some rather quirky, unusual posts. Sometimes you may want to question my sanity. That’s ok – Sanity is overrated Winking smile.

As far as new beginnings go, about a month ago I began a new career in the tire business. I work at a brand new outlet for a rather large and widely respected company with great benefits, friendly people and plenty of opportunities to rise the ranks. A good job… But a satisfying career move. Possibly the best part is that it’s 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday meaning plenty of time to enjoy life outside of work. This actually marks my first day job. I always aimed for jobs offering overnight shifts since I was such a night owl to begin with… but alas, along came my wonderful girlfriend and our son and they need time too. Can’t party all the time.